AIME Board

The purpose of AIME’s Board is to ensure that the organisation serves its mission, its finances are in good order, its direction is set or altered to cater for changes in the Members operating environments and it is the mouthpiece of individual and collective Members.


The Board makes decisions that affect AIME as a collective. The board exists to ensure that the shareholders – the Members – interests are being upheld. The AIME Board is also expected to contribute towards the success of AIME, to act as a conduit to increase Membership, prevent loss of Membership, participate in initiatives and working groups and share their individual expertise into AIME to help the Executive and Members to gain benefit from your expertise.

The AIME Executive Board exists to represent the AIME Membership both externally and internally, to provide strategic and policy guidance to the AIME Executive and to provide an easy and timely communication channel for Members views.

Board Meetings concentrate on:

  • Strategic consultations and decisions
  • Direction of travel of the Executives activities
  • Policy consultation and decisions
  • Budget approval and governance
  • Consider and where required, approve membership applications
  • Set and monitor AIME’s annual objectives & KPIs
  • Adjudicate on members’ conduct / AIME Code of Ethics when appropriate


Voting for the 2017 Board Elections opens on the 1st March until midnight 14th March. Click below to learn more about the candidates and get your voting link.

2017 Candidates infomation


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AIME Board Responsibilities 2017

Board Election process 2017