Consumer Journey Working Group

General Information

This topic is relevant to all industries, and is now top of many agendas to ensure that this is key, and customer experiences are improved.

This group first met in 2015 where it addressed issues such as PPP call handling and Myth Busting.

Now in 2016 this group is prioritising its focus on:

Post sale information. Receipts, billing, bill summaries

Customer care quality across the value chain

Internet searching (address the forums with negative and inaccurate details and educate)

Call handling and resolution

ADR facilities




Meeting Notes

  • 2017 02 01 -
    Consumer Journey Meeting notes
    Draft meeting notes from 1st Feb Consumer Journey Working Group
    Author: AIME
  • 2017 02 01 -
    Consumer Journey meeting
    Presentation for the Consumer Journey Working Group meeting 1st Feb 2017
    Author: AIME
  • 2016 09 20 -
    Consumer Journey WG
    Consumer Journey meeting presentation from 20th September 2016
    Author: AIME
  • 2016 06 21 -
    Consumer Journey
    21st June Consumer Journey Working Group meeting notes
    Author: AIME

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